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Southern Vales Archery Club


now becomes


The Rosney Johns Memorial Field Tournament was a very special SVAC

tournament in honour of one of the founding members of our club, Rosney Johns. 

Rosney was pivotal in the formation and running of Southern Vales Archery Club.

During her years with SVAC, Rosney mentored champion archers such as Simon Fairweather

and Pat Coghlan and inspired many, many others. Simon, who was the national Head Coach

for Archery Australia, and Pat, who represents Australia in World Cup Archery Tournaments

speak highly of Rosney and her efforts to encourage young archers to achieve their very best.


Rosney's dedication, her deep love of archery and her inspiration will continue to echo

throughout time.


After the very sudden and sad death of Rosney, and to honour her years of invaluable efforts

for Archery in South Australia, the IDEC Horseshoe was renamed the Rosney Johns Memorial

Field Tournament.


SVAC proudly hosted the Rosney Johns Memorial shoot on the last Sunday of October every

year. Any gender was permitted to participate in this tournament but only a female was

eligible to win it. It was held on the last Sunday in October. New archers were always

encouraged to participate and an experienced archer was always on hand to guide them

through the tournament on the day.

In 2019, we re-evaluated this memorial shoot for Rosney, and took into consideration her 

dedication towards developing Juniors.


And we have created a new memorial called: The Rosney Johns Juniors

This tournament will be open for all juniors across the state and juniors will shoot the same

rounds that they shoot in state and national tournaments. This will be a registered shoot so

juniors can improve their state/national ranking.

It will be held in early December each year, early enough not to interfere with Christmas

preparations or holidays.

Special medallions have been designed to make this a very special award to win

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