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Archer Etiquette


Members and Visitors

Southern Vales Archery Club is a family-orientated child-safe environment.

We will not tolerate offensive or inappropriate behaviour on our grounds.

When you are accepted as a member of SVAC you agree to abide by our Constitution and Regulations in regards to behaviour.
As a Visitor to our club you are bound by our Visitors Behaviour Policy.

Please be mindful of behaviour when on our grounds.

Click here for the Visitors Behaviour Policy and Procedure

  • Please complete the sign-in sheets and pay all applicable line fees prior to going out to shoot or practice

  • Line fees are required even if you don't plan to stay for the registered afternoon shoot.

  • Archers wishing to participate in the scheduled Saturday afternoon shoots must have signed-in, have their name on the target allocation board and paid all applicable line fees BEFORE 1PM. Shooters who arrive after 1pm will not be permitted to shoot unless they have contacted a committee member in advance.

  • Archers must enter their names into Archers Diary BEFORE 1PM.

  • Archers wishing to have their scores recorded in Archers Diary must select from the rounds scheduled in the calendar.

  • Rounds shot other than scheduled in the calendar can only be paper scored and will not be entered into Archers Diary.

  • All practice is to cease at 1pm to enable targets to be setup for the afternoon shoot.

  • Maximum of 4 archers per target.

  • DO NOT pull any arrows until after scoring has been completed.

  • Please ensure you put your hand on the target when pulling arrows.

  • If for any reasons you are unable to finish the scheduled shoot, you must notify the field captain before leaving the grounds. Note: This includes if you won't be returning  to the shoot after a scheduled break.

  • Please do not leave damaged or broken arrows / fletches / nocks on the grounds.  If you see any damaged or broken items, please pick up and dispose of it safely.

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