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Come and Try

Southern Vales Archery Club holds Come and Try's for members of the public to have a go at archery. A Come and Try is scheduled on the second Saturday of September every year as part of our Hope Cup charity day. Other times are arranged through discussions and agreements with our volunteers.


10am to 12noon only on the nominated day


Archery is suitable for children as young 10 years old, however some 8 or 9 year olds may be physically able to participate

Archery uses the back muscles when drawing the string, and we must be mindful of not causing injury to young developing muscles

If our coaches and instructors advise that your child cannot participate, it will be due to concern over their strength capabilities at the time


$10 per participant

SVAC Social Members are free

You can pay by cash or card


There is no need to book, just turn up

Sign in and pay at the clubhouse and then you'll be directed where to go next


Please be aware that the more members of the public that participate, the longer you may have to wait between your turns

Once your turn has finished, we ask that you return to the back of the line and respectfully wait for your next turn

We will have several targets out on the day to minimise any delays and to improve your experience

What to wear/bring

Closed in shoes are essential

Loose clothing is not advisable as it may get caught up

Hats are recommended as you will be out in full sun

Water is recommended, although you can buy water from our canteen


You will use our recurve bows and our arrows

Personal private equipment will not be permitted to be used on our grounds by members of the public



Saturday 30 March 2024 10am to 12noon

Satuday 14 September 2024 10am to 12noon


Saturday 13 September 2025 10am to 12noon

Saturday xxx - no additional day has yet been scheduled for 2025

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