2019 Calendar

The Calendar may change throughout the year as events crop up

The latest version of the calendar will be available to download on this page


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It will consist of five different sets of rounds:


Set A - 72 arrow rounds

  • FITA 70/720, FITA 60/720, FITA 50/720 (80cm face), 50/720 (122cm face), 45/720, 35/720, Afternooner 72 and X Launceston

  • Please note: Due to time constraints, 9am shoots during daylight savings will always be Set A

Set B - 90 arrow rounds

  • Perth, FITA 60/900 (a.k.a. Canberra), Short Canberra, Junior Canberra, Newcastle, Afternooner 90 and TC900


Set C - 90 arrow rounds

  • Grange, Melbourne, Darwin, Geelong, Newcastle, Afternooner 90 and X Darwin


Set D - 90 arrow rounds

  • Grange, Holt, Samford, Drake, Newcastle, Afternooner 90 and X Holt


Set E - 120 arrow rounds

  • Long Brisbane, Adelaide, Short Adelaide, Brisbane Cub, Afternooner 120 and X Brisbane


For members that wish to shoot an unscheduled round, please see the Field Captain.

The Field Captain will make every attempt to fit your request in, however, it must be paper scored.

Only results from the scheduled rounds will be uploaded to Archers Diary.