Where in the world are Bearnard and Bearnice?

We are proud to introduce two new and very cute little members of our club.

Bearnard and Bearnice are dressed ready for archery with their logo bellies, soft back quiver complete with 3 arrows and a beautiful felt hat.

They are ready and eager to go on holidays with you around the world.

All they ask is that you post their adventures on Facebook and tag in Southern Vales Archery Club so everyone at home can see the fabulous time they are having with you and your family and friends and then bring them safely back home.

They are both made from very soft, hugable fabric and will squash down to fit in carry-on hand luggage.

They do NOT have any metal that would set off any airport detector.

A huge thank you to Tanya for the beautiful work in making these two come alive!

Bearnard and Bearnice travel adventures will be downloaded from Facebook and placed here on this page

Bearnards First Trip with Grant and Kym

Australian Open, Samford Valley QLD, March 2017

Bearnices First Trip with Irene

Perth, WA, March 2017

Bearnice and Deb

World Crossbow, Strathalbyn, SA, April 2017

Bearnard and Riley

Youth Nationals, Vic, April 2017

Bearnard and Tayt

World Masters, NZ, April 2017

Bearnard and Irene

European River Cruise, August 2017

Bearnice, Trish and Peter

New Zealand, September 2017

Bearnard and David L

Manchester, UK, November 2017

Bearnice and Paul B

Southern Ocean, November 2017

Bearnice and Grant and Kym

Fiji, December 2017

Bearnice and Grant, Kym and Deb

Mt Gambier, January 2018

Who are we holidaying with next?

And where are we going?