Southern Vales Archery Club


This is a special SVAC tournament in honour of one of our Life

Members, Deb Upright.

Deb was honoured with a Life Membership back in 2001, after many

years of dedicating her time, her energy and her love of all things

archery to encouraging new members in their archery journey.


In the two decades since, Deb has continued to share her knowledge

in her role as our Club Coach, as our Crossbow Coach and when

holding additional training sessions in preparation for the annual

Tyro Tournament for newbies.

Anyone who knows Deb, knows she loves field.

In the process of re-evaluating our Rosney Johns

Field Tournament into the Rosney Johns Juniors,

we found an opportunity to rename and re-invigorate 

the field shoot.

The Deb Upright Field Classic will be held on the last

Sunday of October every year.

Any gender may participate in this tournament and

there will be a perpetual trophy for the highest

offbow score for female and one for the highest

offbow score for male.

We are excited to hold this tournament as a tribute 

to such an amazing member. 

2019 AMG 1.jpg
2019 AMG 3.jpg