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Want to become a member?

At SVAC, we value family above all else!

We are a child friendly, family orientated club!

That's why we have introduced a special family membership.

If mum and dad join, the kids can become members for free!

Other Family Membership Combinations also apply!

Ask any of our Committee Members for further information.

To become a member of Southern Vales Archery Club you must have completed a Beginners Training

program at a recognised archery club affiliated with Archery Australia.

The Southern Vales Archery Club Inc. Constitution Section 5.2 requires every new application for membership to be approved by the committee. Our committee meets on the last Tuesday of every month. Applications for Membership is a permanent agenda item at our meetings.

All applications for membership are processed online through the Archery Australia website

1.   Click here to go to the Archery Australia website

2.   Click on the blue button in the top right hand corner

3.   Select Archery SA for the state


4.   Select Southern Vales Archery Club for the club

5.   Follow the process through and then submit and pay

Your application will automatically be sent to us and will be tabled at the next committee meeting.



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