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Southern Vales, Great Southern and Victor Harbor Archery Clubs

have joined forces to create an Inter-Club Competition

that comprises of one field, one indoor and one target round.

The Fleurieu Triple has been created to encourage archers to move around our southern clubs and try different forms of archery. Some members may have never seen and indoor shoot, others may not have ever shot a field round.


Entry is open to all first registered members of the 3 Clubs!

We hope that you will be a part of this new and exciting competition, and a little inter-club rivalry is not a bad thing.

Let's move around and get to know each other better!




  • $10 per archer per round

  • Payment of entry fees can be done at the venue on the day

PLEASE NOTE: full payment for archers as listed on the entry form is required

For example; if a club registers 15 members on the entry form for the competition, $150 will be required to be paid even if only 12 turn up. This is to discourage archers that have committed to represent their club from not turning up on the day



  • Minimum and Maximum numbers apply for each Club

  • Archer must be First Registered to that Club

  • Entry Form to be submitted by Club

Each club is required to complete 3 entry forms (one for each round) and provide the current handicap rating from Archers Diary for each of their archers for the applicable round (one for field, one for indoor and one for target). Archers that do not have a verifiable handicap rating in Archers Diary at the start of the competition will not be permitted to participate.



  • Archers must only shoot the bow they regularly use

  • 6 months of data of scores with their bow must be verifiable in Archers Diary

This rule has been brought in to avoid the temptation for an experienced archer to switch to a different bow to take advantage of a much lower handicap rating than usual.​

The Organising Committee reserves the right to deny entry to this competition or disqualify any archer if it believes bow-switching is occurring

  • Archers must continue shooting the same bow throughout the 3 events

  • Sporting Crossbows are ineligible



  • Archers must provide a verifiable Handicap Rating from Archers Diary on the Club Entry Form, applicable to the round being shot



  • Field Round is a 24 WA Field

    • Hosted by Great Southern Archers at their Strathalbyn grounds

    • Saturday (date to be confirmed)

    • Sign in by 9.30am, Head out to field 9.50am, Shoot starts at 10am sharp on the hooter

    • HI VIZ VESTS/SHIRTS are mandatory for every archer

  • Indoor Round is an Aust 18m

    • Hosted by Victor Harbor Archers at their Port Elliott venue

    • Wednesday (date to be confirmed)

    • Sign in by 6.30, Shoot starts at 7pm sharp

  • Target Round will be QRE Rounds (applicable to archers gender/bow/division)

    • Hosted by Southern Vales Archery Club at their Morphett Vale grounds

    • Saturday (date to be confirmed)

    • Sign in by 1pm, Shoot starts at 1.30pm sharp


  • OFFBOW - awarded to the club with the highest scores of the 3 rounds combined

  • HANDICAP - awarded to the club with the highest score of the 3 rounds combined

The Organising Committee has made every attempt to ensure scoring will be fair for all participating clubs, regardless of whether they enter the minimum or maximum competitors.



  • Presentation of trophies will be done at the conclusion of the Target Round at SVAC

BBQ and drinks will be available for purchase prior to the Presentation.


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