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28th February, 2015 - Double QRE

SVAC hosted our first double QRE for the year which had a very impressive 30 archers participate.  


This was the last QRE which archers could qualify for the SA Match Play event that is being held in Victoria Square on Sunday 3rd May, 2015.


This was also the first QRE hosted by SVAC to use the new electronic scoring introduced by Archery Australia on 1st January, 2015.  Each target was allocated the standard paper scoresheets plus a Pendo tablet enabling archers to enter their scores into the 'Archery Score Sheets' application.   The electronic results will be uploaded into 'The Archers Diary'.


The SVAC canteen made sure that all archers and spectators kept their energy levels up thanks to a special treat of hot dogs, chicken burgers and other baked goods!

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